Reconditioned Brake Master Cylinder (VE-VH)

Regular price $495.00

Off the shelf fully reconditioned factory PBR twin reservoir, cast iron brake master cylinder for all VE-VH models. These are no longer available new so rebuilt is the only option. We have both 2-port (drum/drum) & 3-port (disc/drum) available so please select your preference.

These units have been bead blasted, honed to remove any scores & re sleeved with stainless steel for longevity. All internal & external seals are replaced. The unit is then coated with a rust proof epoxy satin black enamel. Comes complete with a 1 year or 10,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

No exchange required so perfect for those vehicles missing a brake master cylinder completely or wanting to retro-fit one.

Please note: Unit does not come with push-rod. As you cannot purchase these new, you will have to try & locate a used one or one the same length from a brake specialist, if required.