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Owner: Kevin Laird, Alexandra
Owner: Caleb Macdonald, Queenstown





Owner: Daniel Cummings, Dunedin

Owner: Charlotte & Zane Demler, Te Awamutu

Owner: Richard Irwin, Invercargill

Owner: Brad Sayer, Gore

Owner: Bruce Alderson, Oamaru

Owner: Kirsten Young, Oamaru

Owner: Salty Sons, Wanganui

Owner: Phil Wong, Hawke's Bay

Owner: Rob Balloch, Winton

Owner: Ron McDowell, Invercargill

Owner: Ronni Weastell's Father, Wanaka

Owner: Ronni Weastell, Christchurch

Owner: Gerry Power, Ashburton

Owner: Jay Muir, Invercargill

Owner: Lance McFarlane, Te Puke

Owner: Shane Brown, Invercargill

Owner: Glynn Nuthall, Christchurch

Owner: Jason Howes, Tauranga

Owner: Greg Crighton, Taupo

Owner: Egdun White, Timaru

Owner: Chris Arthur, Balclutha

Owner: Phillip Mulligan, Tauranga

Owner: Clayton Crofskey, Taranaki

Owner: Craig Gray, Nelson

Owner: Ray Ewald, Unknown

Owner: Michael Zuppicich, Invercargill

Owner: Cresta Lee Beck, Gore

Owner: Tyler Blythe, Gore

Owner: Dion Hamilton, Invercargill

Owner: Peter Gilchrist, Dunedin

Owner: Regan Ryder-Young, Balclutha

Owner: Simon Quertier, Gore

Owner: Sam Wilmshurst

Owner: Kerri Wylie, Gore

Owner: Sharne Greig, New Plymouth

Owner: Jonny Hill, Wellington

Owner: Steven Hamlin, Gore

Owner: Shirl Ewers, Buller

Owner: Zane Gianone, Dunedin

Owner: Jake Michie, Bulls

Owner: John Arends, Auckland

Owner: Mark Laplanche, Gore

Owner: Johnny Sanders, Christchurch

Owner: Jessica Summers, Cambridge

Owner: Harley Cruickshank, Clarkville

Owner: Donald Smyth, Oamaru

Owner: Geoff Finch, Dunedin

Owner: Steve Norman, Cromwell

Owner: Grant Leineweber, Waitomo

Owner: Todd Mcintosh, Queenstown

Owner: Santina Bryan, Gore

Owner: Brendan Newland, Invercargill

Owner: David Rattray, Invercargill

Owner: Cliff Brice, Waiuku

Owner: Steve Clarke, Dunedin

Owner: Peter Thorburn, Auckland

Owner: Dave Anderson, Unknown