Complete Front Steering & Suspension Rebuild Kit (VJ-CL, Power Steering/Disc Brakes)

Regular price $1,253.20

Complete front steering & suspension rebuild kit to suit all VJ-CL models fitted with factory power steering & front disc brakes. Save 10% purchasing the complete rebuild kit rather than individual items or partial kit.

Includes the following components:

2x Front shock absorbers, KYB

1x LH lower ball joint

1x RH lower ball joint

1x Lower control arm bush set

1x Lower bump stop set

2x Upper ball joints

1x Upper control arm bush set

1x Upper bump stop set

4x Tie-rod ends (2x LH thread & 2x RH thread)

1x Pitman arm, power steering

1x Idler arm, small bolt version

1x Radius/strut rod bush set

1x Torsion bar boot set, factory style

1x Front sway bar link set

1x Front sway bar mount bush set, 24mm